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  • Are you considering in getting a home loan?
  • Good credit?
  • Bad credit?
  • No credit at all?
  • Let us to help you!

If you have been rejected in other places because of your credit problems, we can offer alternatives to help you making your dream of having your own house to come true.

Let us to give you a complete consultation, without obligation and even better, at no cost. In each case we can advise you about the necessary steps to put yourself in the right path to buy your new home.

Do not waste your money in “credit repair companies”. In many cases they are not the true solution for your credit problems. More over, sometimes after months of paying for their “consultation” these companies can do nothing to improve your credit report.

Have you ever calculated how much money you have wasted renting a house?

Let’s see an example:

If you have paid $800/month during the last 5 years, you have “thrown” $48,000 on which, not even a small part has been claimed as deduction on your taxes. (See “Advantages of owning a home”).

Do not think it over… This is the time to have your own house! In this long process you will need the help and advise of a qualified personal.

Let me be your guide in this amazing process.


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