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It is a fact, in the current real state market a big percentage of the houses on sale are acquired by banks, who at the same time received them through “For closure”, “Short sale” or by the process called “Deed in Lieu” in which the customer agrees to voluntarily return the property to the lender.

All of this, forces the properties to be vacant for elongated periods of time making them susceptible to damage and vandalism.

The houses look dreadful! Even though, only months ago a family lived there. A buyer has no other choice, but to start thinking about the total make over the house requires. Paint, carpets, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms and the many appliances the house is missing. All adding up to more than $15,000; money many new buyers do not have.

This is not a problem any longer! We offer a program that takes all the advantages of the traditional Federal Housing Administration mortgage (FHA) for new buyers, and includes the value for repairs, and if you really want it, the appliances, all within your loan. It is up to you to decide how much you want to fix. Leave your house as good as new!

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